Art gallery

At the Burslem School of Art we can offer a range of exhibition opportunities in our historical art galleries. We can accommodate most sizes and types of painting, sculpture, craftwork and photography. While a good standard must be maintained, all subjects and ‘skill levels’ are considered.

The exhibition strategy for the Art Gallery is based on providing a showcase for established and emerging artists. We encourage proposals in all styles and media. Proposals are considered on their individual artistic merit as well as their compatibility with other scheduled exhibitions within the program.

We are keen that artists do not assume that certain exhibition proposals are not suitable for the Art Gallery. We welcome all proposals which exhibit strong artistic integrity regardless of style. Art Gallery welcome applications from: other galleries wishing to tour exhibitions, from inde- pendent exhibition organisers and directly from artists.

To apply for Exhibition, please send:

  • A proposal outlining your exhibition
  • Your artist statement
  • Supporting visual material, preferably photo prints or CD with jpeg format images compatible with PC (5-6 and not more than 15); at this stage the Gallery cannot accept the submission of original artworks.
  • It is helpful but not necessary if you can outline in your submission – what makes your proposal distinctive and how, in your view, it might be of interest to the Gallery’s diverse audiences.

    Currently we have two exhibition galleries available: ● The main Atrium gallery ● The upstairs gallery

    There are also various additional exhibition spaces around the building, Including con- servatory and foyer.


Would you require more information regards staging an exhi- bition at the Burslem School of Art, please don’t hesitate to contact Burslem School of Art Trust

Email [email protected] Phone 01782 810808

Burslem School of Art Trust main exhibition programme is managed by our arts curator and artist in residence Frank Foy